Thursday, December 24, 2015

Flaky Academic Conferences

Paralleling the proliferation of journals of ill repute is the globalization of the marketing of academic conferences. Information on and tidbits from sellers whose incessant spam has reached me is at the blog Flaky Academic Conferences. Links to just some of these spammers follow.

BIT Life Sciences, aka BIT Congress and BIT Group Global is "Your Think Tank." It lists conference organizers, presenters, and session chairs without their knowledge or over their objections (see The Dalian Letters).
Looks like another mushy mega-conference organizer for China travel.
Conference Series LLC,
a front for OMICS with (as of 8/25/16) "1000+ Global Events Every Year across USA, Europe & Asia" with support from 1000 more scientific societies and Publishes 700+ Open access journals which contains over 100000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists ... ."
DEStech Publications
runs "a leading conference for all researchers from different countries and territories to present their research results about human society and spiritual cultures of human annually"
Engineering Information Institute
Hardly limited to engineering, this group's "mission is to meet the satisfactions of our authors involved in all kinds of comprehensive conferences. ... We look forward to benefiting and establishing harmonious relationship with everybody."
Eureka Science
Nobel Laureate Ferid Murad promises conferences that "should provide eminent scientists the opportunity to present their cutting edge researches" at "important," "exciting," and, of course, "scientific events."
Global Science and Technology Forum
a group from Singapore that has been accused of "conference hijacking" and is on Beall's List as "an exploitative publisher that ... everyone should avoid."
Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors (IRED)
"IRED welcomes all the Doctors, Scientist, Engineers Professionals, Researchers, Scholars and Medical and Health, Technical Engineering Colleges and Universities to join us to exchange information and ideas; in according with our objective to facilitate this, we call upon to network with us."
International Scientific Events
Come to Hotel "Royal Castle" on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.
North Sea Conference and Journal
Believes forensic science reform is part of the Internet of things
Well known as a "predatory publisher", OMICS is also in the conference business -- big time. Despite a California address, its roots are in India, and the FTC has charged it with deceptive practices.
Oxford Global Marketing, Ltd. (OGM)
With offices in Singapore and London, "We also offer bespoke event management to companies in the sector." It belts out email for the Annual Genetics in Forensics Congress.
Oxford Round Table
An American invention (starting in Kentucky) with a history that would impress a corporate reorganization lawyer.
Pace Institute of Technology and Sciences (PITS)
"Elsevier based conference is going to organizing in Andhra pradesh, India during 29th to 30th July 2016," but don't trust us about that ("disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited")
SASI Institute of Technology & Engineering (SASI)
All of engineering conferences from "[w]hat began as a small school in with a 9 students in a small village in West Godavari [that] has created a sensation in the field of education" ... The very name SASI instills confidence in the minds."
Scientific Federation (SF) is an "abode for researchers"



  1. Thanks, I just decided not to go to one of their conferences ignoring a "chair/invited speaker" slot! Patrik Bjoorn, Sweden

  2. Oh my God thank you so much for this post. I am going insane with the mass of invitations I am getting from BIT. I have tried all sorts of approaches and no results, the emails keep coming... at least it is soothing to know they do this with many other people... We just need to stop them somehow.