Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Flaky Academic Journals

Barely a week goes by when I am not asked to submit an article to or become an editor of the Journal of This or That. One such missive is from Maple Xiao of the Canadian Center of Science and Education. Less than a week after I posted a 38-year-old book review on the Social Science Research Network, Ms. Xiao pounced:
I have the honor to read your paper "Book Review, The Right and the Power: The Prosecution of Watergate", and really appreciate your contributions in this area. As the editorial assistant of Journal of Management and Sustainability, I write to invite you to submit manuscripts to our journal.
Apparently, "management and sustainability" embraces a wide swath of subjects. (The book review asked whether it was proper for a former prosecutor to disclose previously private information about the subjects of the criminal investigations, and it questioned the justifications given by former Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski for some of his decisions.)

Although the problem of bogus academic journals is widely recognized, 1/ I began listing excerpts from some of the academic journal spam that was reaching me along with observations about the purveyors and their editorial boards. When the posting grew too long, I converted it into a blog of its own, named Flaky Academic Journals. Links to just some of the accumulated information on the spamming and dubious journals follow.

Academicians' Research Center (ARC)
email from ARC Journal of Forensic Science and ARC Journal of Nursing and Healthcare
Allied Academies
"confidential" email from Journal of Forensic Genetics and Medicine and Journal of Sinusitis and Migraine
American Association for Science and Technology (AASCIT)
American Institute of Science (AIS)
American Research Institute for Policy Development (ARID)
email from Journal of Law and Criminal Justice
Annex Publishers
email for the Journal of Forensic Science and Criminology, publisher of articles on the sacred geometry of fingerprints
Apex Journal International
email soliciting for 12 journals at once, including International Research on Medical Sciences, Journal of Education Research and Behavioral Sciences, and International Law and Policy Research Journal
Austrian Scientific Publication House (ASPH)
Where are the Austrians?
Bentham Science
email from Current Drug Abuse Reviews and Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
Bioaccent Group
email from BOAJ Urology and Nephrology
Biomed Central
email from Skeletal Muscle
Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE)
email from Journal of Management and Sustainability
Center for Promoting Ideas (CPI), USA
email from American International Journal of Social Science and International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
Centre of Excellence for Scientific and Research Journalism (COES&RJ)
email from Journal of Social Science with a fake address in Texas
Elyns Publishing Group
email from Journal of Forensic Medicine and Legal Affairs
Gavin Publishers
email from Journal of Forensic Studies
Herald Scholarly Open Access (HSOA)
email from Journal of Forensic, Legal & Investigative Sciences and a vision "to highlight quality exploration work to the biggest possible swarm over development points secured under the field of medicine."
Internal Medicine Review
"complete rubbish" from "a completely fake medical journal that falsely claims to be based in Washington, D.C."
Institute of Research in Engineering and Technology (IRET)
email from International Journal of Emerging Trends in Electrical and Electronics (IJETEE)
Insight Medical Publishing (iMedPub)
email from Journal of Medical Toxicology and Clinical Forensic Medicine
Jacobs Publishers
"bringing science, medicine, engineering and Pharmacy to the spearhead."
email from Jacobs Journal of Forensic Science.
JSciMed Central (JSM)
email from Annals of Forensic Science and Analysis
Juniper Publishers
email from the Journal of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation
Knowledge Enterprises, Inc. (KEI Journals)
"A publisher to avoid"
"confidential" email from Medical Research Archives
Medwin Publishers
seeking "to intellectualize the global society by providing them with the advancements"
email from Vaccines & Vaccination Open Access and comments on the International Journal of Forensic Sciences
Mehta Press
No editorial boards, but "rigorously reviewed" with "Maximum review time 15 days"
Merit Journals
"This journal opts to bring panacea"
Net Journals
email from International Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (IRJMMS) and Biochemistry and Biotechnology Research (BBR)
OMICS International
email from Intellectual Property Rights: Open Access, Journal of Civil & Legal Sciences, and Global Journal of Nursing & Forensic Studies
"We look forward for a long lasting scientific relationship."
Open Access Library (OALib) Journal
Openventio Publishers
email from Anthropology - Open Journal
Peertechz Journals
email from Forensic Science and Technology and Archives of Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy
"themed Organization setted up with 40 Peer Reviewed Medical Journals"
Progressive Science Publications (PSCIPUB)
emails from four journals at once; "+5000 active participants"
Public Science Framework
"Continued Privilege: Publishing Papers with 50% Discount" and you can submit "the extended version" of your previously published paper
Remedy Publications
email from Clinics in Oncology
Research Institute for Progression of Knowledge (RIPK)
email from International Journal of Education and Social Science and International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Review
Science Publishing Group (SciencePG)
articles include "Modification of Einstein's E= mc2 to E =1/22 mc2/" and "Mathematical Proof of the Law of Karma"
Scientific Research Association (SCIREA)
"takes an opportunity to serve the scientific community, students and researchers with undefiled research works."
Scientific Research Publishing Inc. (SCIRP)
Looks like a subject-based filing system that, for a fee, stores even randomly generated papers.
Scientifica (Hindawi)
Cairo-based Hindawi Publishing claims to have "more than 30,000 internationally-recognized Editors"
email from Journal of Nucleic Acids
Scinzer Scientific Journals
"Fast track paper publication (3-10 Days)" and "Papers from your country are welcome." Only "40 USD per paper." ⊗ Scitech Central
27 journals out to save the world being being "a quantum to research"
SciTechnol OMICS in disguise
email from Journal of Forensic Toxicology and Pharmacology
Time Journals
"It arises from a reaction to the severe restriction of knowledge distribution"
email from Time Journal of Biological Sciences
Trade Science Inc.
"wide spectrum of audience. SUBMIT MANUSCRIPTS NOW !!"
email from 18 journals

  1. Declan Butler, Investigating Journals: The Dark Side of Publishing, 495 Nature 433 (2013);  John D. Bowman, Predatory Publishing, Questionable Peer Review, and Fraudulent Conferences, 78 Am. J. Pharm. Educ. 176 (2014), doi: 10.5688/ajpe7810176,; Kevin Carey, Fake Academe, Looking Much Like the Real Thing, N.Y. Tim es, Dec. 30, 2016,; Jocalyn Clark & Richard Smith, Firm Action Needed on Predatory Journals, 350 Brit. Med. J. h210 (2015), doi:,; Colleen Flaherty, Librarians and Lawyers, Inside Higher Education, Feb 15, 2013,; David Moher & Ester Moher, Stop Predatory Publishers Now: Act Collaboratively, Annals Internal Med. (2016),; Cenyu Shen & Bo-Christer Bj√∂rk, ‘Predatory’ Open Access: A Longitudinal Study of Article Volumes and Market Characteristics, 13 BMC Medicine 230 (2015), DOI: 10.1186/s12916-015-0469-2;
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