Friday, September 16, 2016

Plagiarism as a Clinical Offence

Regrettably, there is no shortage of flaky academic publishers. They are the dark side of open access, the bad money in Gresham's Law.  One of these is Jacobs Publishers, purportedly based in Austin, Texas. The About Us page explains that:
  • We are involved in filling perforation in Open Access Journals. We are anchormen in leading articles with international standards.
  • It is based on the most exciting researchers with respect to the functional journals covering cosmic fields ... .
  • This Journal opts to bring elixir to the problem ... .
  • Jacobs Publishers is on the way of new strategies in scientific and medical field which are retrievable.
  • Our Mission is to foster and enrich the top-tier research around the globe by our diligence towards inventiveness and innovation in bringing science, medicine, engineering and Pharmacy to the spearhead.
Ouch! But it is good to know that
We strictly oppose copying of content as Plagiarism which is a clinical offence.

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