Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Flaky Forensic Genetics and Medicine Journal

I keep quietly adding emails to a posting on Flaky Academic Journals, but today's specimen from the Journal of Forensic Genetics and Medicine deserves special billing. The journal belongs to the North Carolina publisher and conference organizer, Allied Academies, which is allied with OMICS. Today's "confidential" email shows that it cannot even keep the names of its journals straight. It thinks its email advertisement is privileged with "work product immunity," and it denies that its emailed promises and claims are "given or endorsed by the company." Here is the solicitation:
Dear David H. Kaye,
Greetings from Journal of Forensic Genetics and Medicine.
It gives us great pleasure to invite you and your research allies to submit a manuscript for the Journal of Forensic Genetics and Medicine. We are delighted to announce that we are planning to release Inaugural Issue for our newly launched Journal. Your contribution adds more value to our inaugural issue. ...
Your contribution will help Journal of Sinusitis and Migraine establish its high standard and facilitate the journal to be indexed by prestigious ISI soon. ...
We Look forward for our long lasting scientific relationship.
With Regards,
Solomon Ebe, Editorial Assistant, Journal of Forensic Genetics and Medicine, Allied Academies, P.O.Box670, Candler, NC28715, USA

This message is confidential. It may also be privileged or otherwise protected by work product immunity or other legal rules. ... [Y]ou may not copy this message or disclose its contents to anyone. The views, opinions, conclusions and other information’s expressed in this electronic mail are not given or endorsed by the company unless otherwise indicated by an authorized representative independent of this message.
A second email arrived 12/2/16 with an additional "not given or endorsed" promise "that COMPLETE WAIVER will be provided on the articles submitted on or before December30th, 2016 for the inaugural issue."

The editorial board, if the website is to be believed, consists of the following individuals:
  • J. Thomas McClintock, Department of Biology and Chemistry, Forensic Science Program, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA.
  • James P Landers, Commonwealth Chaired Professor Dept. of Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering and Pathology Jefferson Scholar Faculty Fellow Co-Director of the Center for Nano-BioSystem Integration University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, United States
  • Robert W. Allen, Professor of Forensic Science and Chairman, School of Forensic Sciences, Center for Health Sciences, Oklahoma State University,1111 West 17th St.Tulsa, OK 74107, USA.
  • Susan A. Greenspoon, Forensic Molecular Biologist, Virginia Department of Forensic Science, 700 North Fifth Street Richmond, VA 23219, USA.
  • James Jabbour, Program Director, Assistant Professor, Applied Forensic Science,School of Applied Sciences, Forensic Sciences at Mount Ida College,777 Dedham Street, Newton, MA 02459, USA.

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